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Grow Your Business – Alan Shows You How

Alan Adler — Coach, Marketing Consultant, Speaker & Author, coaches people how to grow their business. He provides strategies to help achieve professional goals. Alan speaks on topics including, Attracting & Retaining Customers, Engagement via Listening and Social Media/Networking.

Some Examples:

1. Be sure that employees understand that one purpose of the business is to create a customer who creates customers.

2. Every employee be in alignment with (all of) the purposes of the business.

3. Create (volunteer) advisory boards in specific areas of the business to provide advice. Like, marketing, inventory, management etc. Often an advisory board is able to fix problems that the (required) BOD can’t.

4. Engage via the Power of Listening.

5. Be nicer than you have to be.

Grow Your Business by improving Listening Skills 

Alan’s books, seminars, and workshops coach show how to improve your leadership skills to grow your business. Improving these skills can help solve business problems and lead to improved business culture. Alan’s shows you how to get new customers and keep them. Let him show you how he can help you and your business. Email him at

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grow your business in a smart, effective way


Fact: LISTENING SKILLS are NOT taught in schools!

Fact: We’re NOT born with LISTENING SKILLS!

Fact: LISTENING strongly impacts YOUR personal & professional life ! Become a better listener!

ENGAGE via the Power Listener Workshop – For Individuals, Corporate Teams, Business Groups & Association Conferences.  (Offered in person or live online) Click Here For Details

It’s NOT the nail… I just need  for you to listen to me… CLICK HERE TO PLAY SHORT VIDEO


The Best Customer You NEVER Had!

Customer Relationship

  Word of Mouth Marketing Creates Customers who create customers. How to create a customer who creates customers.  Regardless of your type of business, number of employees or who your … Continue reading

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Become a Better Listener


Become a better listener and you will improve your ability to “influence,” says a 2012 Columbia Business School research study, LISTENING AND   ORGANIZATIONAL INFLUENCE, CLICK HERE. The study goes on … Continue reading

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Why EMPLOYERS Don’t (Appear to) CARE…Culture Leadership

Fear of Culture Change

Culture Leadership and Employees Caring Recently, I published a blog titled:  “How to Get EMPLOYEES to CARE.” I received several emails from readers who shared experiences and examples of ”employees” who cared,  but ”employers” who didn’t. To all who sent emails, … Continue reading

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