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Better Listeners Make Better Leaders!
How Well Do YOU Listen?


I’m an executive coach, trainer & speaker who helps people become better LISTENER’s. People can become better at listening to employees, customers and vendors.

I teach strategies and provide tools that work equally well for individuals, teams, groups and organizations.


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I also coach leaders to create cultures by moving from cultures of control to cultures of empowerment — resulting in highly motivated employees. My books Getting the Fish to Swim to YOU & Keeping Them in YOUR Boat and UpStream reflect my own growth achieved while owning and running successful companies. I believe that in today’s competitive market the key to attracting and retaining customers and quality employees is LISTENING.



The Best Customer You NEVER Had!

Customer Relationship

  Word of Mouth Marketing Creates Customers who create customers. How to create a customer who creates customers.  Regardless of your type of business, number of employees or who your … Continue reading

29. October 2013 by Alan
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Become a Better Listener

Listen Logo (smaller)

  How Well Do YOU Listen?  FACT: Better listeners are better at influencing others… …says a recent Columbia Business School research study, LISTENING AND   ORGANIZATIONAL INFLUENCE, CLICK HERE. The study … Continue reading

03. February 2013 by Alan
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Why EMPLOYERS Don’t (Appear to) CARE…Culture Leadership

Fear of Culture Change

Culture Leadership and Employees Caring Recently, I published a blog titled:  “How to Get EMPLOYEES to CARE.” I received several emails from readers who shared experiences and examples of “employees” who cared,  but “employers” who didn’t. To all who sent emails, … Continue reading

26. September 2012 by Alan
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